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Review Immaculate (2024): Immaculate offers a good time while it lasts!

genre: horror, mystery

Sydney Sweeney suddenly is everywhere. She seems to be the hottest actress at the moment. If you look closer, a lot of this is due to self-promotion and also being attached as producer for the projects she is working in. Fortunately for us, she is a good actress. But good enough that I buy her as a nun?

I know that for some, hot nuns is a thing. Not going to lie, this is valid for me as well. But that is in a completely different context and not regarding serious horror films. So the first time we get introduced to Sister Cecilia played by Sweeney, some suspending of belief is needed otherwise you won't be able to go along with the narrative. Let me put it this way. Sydney Sweeney is like the porn version of Amanda Seyfried. It's very unlikely for a woman like her to become a nun. She could be the most pure and virgin of all women, I suspect in real life she would be rejected. Although, this would imply I am an expert concerning the Catholic Church. I am not. Still, I have never seen a real nun like her. It is therefore rather strange how she is welcomed with open arms. Especially after she couldn't even be bothered to learn Italian. Imagine, you are going to spend the rest of your life as a bride of Christ in Italy, with mostly Italian-speaking people, but you don't speak or understand a single word of it. 

Not everyone is happy with her arrival, like Sister Isabelle played by Giulia Heathfield Di Renzi. (She hasn't been in anything else, at least according to IMDB. I wouldn't be surprised we will see more of her in the future.) But the higher ups are, and there is a very good reason for it. I won't spoil why, because that is most of the fun, but anyone familiar with the term immaculate in Christianity will know what is up. It's here where the mystery takes centre stage and a sense of dread kicks in. It's subtle but present. The lack of punch or shock is compensated with blood and gore. In this case, this was a good combo and had me compelled throughout. Until the ending. It wasn't bad, but very anti-climatic and pretty preposterous if you think about it. Mind you, it's original. And again, for the sake of the narrative, I was willing to go along with it. But I understand if some people aren't that willing. Especially if you find out that there isn't more to the film. I had expected to be at least more twists and turns. Something like this begs for those to make it stand out from the rest. 

Overall, Immaculate offers a good time while it lasts, and sometimes that is all I demand!

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