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Review Critters (1986): A wonderful Gremlins clone!

genre: comedy, horror, science fiction

Critters is a title I got introduced when I was a young one. I remember being impressed with the whole vibe they were going for. Like, for example, with the bounty hunters. To me, they were the coolest of the cool. Especially in the sequel. But of course, it's the Crites that steal the show.

Critters is yet an example of practical effects being superior to CGI. The monsters look really cool and even have distinctions between them. One could argue they are even cute in a very deadly way. But what is real surprising is the screen time they have. They aren't in the film as much as you would expect. Still, they do make every second count. They aren't to be messed with and definitely are a real threat to humankind. In my humble opinion, the Critters is a worthy successor to the Gremlins. Except according to writer / director Stephen Herek the concept of Critters was conceived long before The Gremlins. I have no doubt this is the case, since the Crites are very different from them. Still, you can't blame people for thinking this, since in a lot of aspects the two movies are quite similar. Although I do think there is a big difference in tone. Gremlins is more comedy than horror. Critter is more horror than comedy.

For the most part, the acting is good. Except for Dee Wallace Stone. She plays a very unhinged and hysterical character. She almost cries in every scene she is in. I understand that she is supposed to sell the terror. Only it rarely comes across this way. Scott Grimes on the other hand is quite amazing as the young teenager fighting the good fight. He is far more mature than his parents.

Overall, Critters is everything you want in a fun B movie. It delivers on the horror. But at the same time delivers on the comedy. It doesn't take itself too seriously, which is always a good thing.

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