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Review Rush Hour (1998): Decent buddy cop film!

genre: action, martial arts, crime

To me, it's silly that people don't know that Jackie Chan is an international star. There is this idea that if you haven't made it in Hollywood, you don't matter. But that's BS. I and even my grandma knew who he was long before he tried to make films in the US. Considering how he always got restricted, it's not that hard to imagine that he isn't fond of making American films. His biggest hurdle is his English. And I have to admit, that is one of the issues I have with him. Apparently, he has tried to improve it, but it takes too much work for him. Still, it hasn't stopped him because I do think he was good as Master Splinter in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem (2023).

Jackie Chan has stated he doesn't like the Rush Hour films. While I do think that these films don't do a good job of showing what he is capable of, they aren't bad. I think if you have never seen this before, you will have fun. Especially because Chris Tucker and Chan do have great chemistry together. On multiple viewings, though, Rush Hour doesn't offer enough. For Jackie Chan most of the martial arts and stunt work is of a lower level he is used to. He has stated he wanted to do more and get more freedom but didn't receive it. It's mind-boggling. Since he would have been able to create memorable fight scenes and stunt work. And then perhaps Chan would have been able to like them as well. But too late now.

The film does look slick and at times did give me Lethal Weapon vibes. And that is a good thing. But that film did give us stronger characters. You really got to know them. I wished I could say the same of Lee and Carter. The bragging scene was nice and all. Still, at one point, they were exaggerating so much you possibly couldn't believe the claims were true. For comic relief that is fine, but would it have hurt to add some seriousness in relationship to their father and the job. Carte basically gives Lee a lot of reasons not to be a cop, and yet he still wants to be a cop. What is his motivation? We don't get to know. The same can be said of Lee. Why doesn't he have a family, why does he prefer to be this super cop? 

Overall, Rush Hour is a decent buddy cop film, but it's not nearly as thrilling and exciting as the title suggests.

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