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Review Firewalker (1986): Flawed but fun action adventure flick!

genre: action, adventure, comedy

Flawed but fun action adventure featuring Chuck Norris, Louis Gossett Jr. and Melody Anderson.

Firewalker is an example of a film where having good side characters bring out the best in Chuck Norris. The dynamics between him and Gosset Jr. are definitely the highlights of the film. Although Melody Anderson also adds to the viewing experience with her comedic timing and stunning looks. In most of his films, Chuck Norris is far too rigid and serious for his own good. But in this film, he almost is the comic relief. His character is not particularly bright yet never loses his optimism. While Gosset Jr. has trouble with this, deep down he has to admit that it's one of the thing he likes about Max (Norris).

For the most part, the film has a nice pacing to it. The adventure itself is pretty exciting but obviously a very low budget affair. It's immensely basic, but still gets the job done. I think the credit has to go to director J. Lee Thompson (most famous for The Guns of Navarone) for accomplishing so much with very little. There are some slow parts. However, because of the fun interactions this isn't as problematic as it sounds. 

Action and spectacle wise, this might not be that impressive. Yet, Chuck Norris does pull off some of his trademark moves to entertain the die hard fans. Especially since he seems to be really enjoying himself to be the butt of the joke. Firewalker therefore should be seen as a comedy first and action flick second.

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