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Review Eerie (2018): Not scary, but the message matters!

genre: horror, drama

On the surface, Eerie seems like your typical Asian horror, where most of the dread comes from long haired Asian women. But it is something entirely else.

Whenever you talk to people who have experienced what nuns are really like, they can't say a good word about them. They might claim they love Jesus and God. Their actions speak differently. Eerie jumps in on the fanaticism and the consequences of that fanaticism. It's not exactly subtle on this subject. Although, from reading some reviews, it does seem to appear that this has been completely lost on some viewers. As they only refer to the horror elements and not the message, this film is trying to convey. For the most part, there is a decent ambiance to the film. Yet, it never becomes truly dark. And in that regard I agree with the critics, Eerie is not capitalizing on the fear and dread. It easily could have. But for whatever reason they failed. I kept hoping the film would become scarier and scarier. Instead, it went into another direction.

That being said, the actors are really selling the events. Especially Bea Alonzo as Pat and Charo Santos-Concio as Sor Alice. Sor Alice does a good job of being the textbook nun who never wants to compromise until you dig a little deeper and get to know her a little better. And maybe I am very empathic to the people who have suffered because of the Catholic Church. These are the people you seek guidance and comfort with. Instead, they abuse you mentally and physically while supposedly doing God's work.

I myself like the ending. But I am sure the majority of people will find it bitter-sweet. It's my guess that this was the whole point. Do give it a shot and look beyond the horror, and you might find yourself something worthwhile. 

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