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Review Psych 3: This Is Gus TV Movie (2021): Easily the best of the movies made so far!

genre: comedy, crime

Somehow, this third part slipped past me. But upon discovering, I immediately took action and got a copy. And now having watched it, I can honestly say that this was a return to form. This is exactly what I imagined the TV Movies to be like. I think this is the first time they actually managed to capture the spirit of the original show without compromising established lore. The previous movies were very disappointing to me and I did not have that much hope they would ever make it up. But fortunately they did.

Shawn and Gus were always the ones who made things fun. I guess they realized this, and they are back to their shenanigans and antics. They had me laughing so hard. Pure comedy gold! I have to be honest, it's been a long time a film or TV production has made me laugh so hard. So I am very grateful that this third part has been made. And as far as I am concerned, they can do more of these. Although, I think, this part would make a good final ending. 

I also have to commend them for bringing in Curt Smith from Tears for Fears. It was very illuminating to see him get caught in self-deprecating humour and parody on life after stardom. Having to do weddings and such. While not super hilarious, the music video parody of Wham's Last Christmas is brilliant. It's also a very Gus thing to do. To arrange Curt Smith, of all people, to sing at his wedding.

The mystery of the day isn't as compelling as it should be, but that's fine. The show was never about that, something they lost sight of in later seasons and the first two films. Glad, they realized that they had to revert to the old ways. So yes, easily the best of the movies made so far. I would even recommend this to people not familiar with the show.

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