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Review A Thousand Little Cuts (2022): Surprised me in a good way!

genre: thriller, drama

Perhaps it was the title or the way the story is presented to you, but this is not an on your edge of your seat thriller with many twist, turns and thrills. 

So what is this, then? This film is an examination of the mind, or more a demonstration of how the mind sometimes works, more specifically when someone is suffering from trauma. Now, that in itself is a pretty complex subject which can be very exciting or dull. A Thousand Little Cuts is in the middle. I think, it does a good job of unravelling the mystery without resorting to the usual ways Hollywood films depict psychological turmoil. The main character, Anne, played by Rebecca Liddiard, is not some wacko who is outrageous in her behaviour. She is a normal person, who very calmly tells her story to psychiatrist Monica Atlas played by Marina Sirtis (most famous for Star Trek: The Next Generation). It's clear from the start that Anne has been trough something and that Monica is trying to get to the bottom of it.

Perhaps the film can be accused of simplifying the subject. Then again, how many of you would still be compelled if real professional jargon had been expressed. I can assure you, not that many. To its credit, the film does make certain issues relatable. Are things as black and white as suggested in this story? Of course not, but it makes sense for the film to do so since it is an import subject that clearly has a message to tell. Do I agree with this message? Yes! There were many times I couldn't understand the reactions of certain male characters in the film. A strange guy is running towards Anne when she is taking a short break from running, and somehow the guy is expecting to strike a conversation with her. She clearly is not in the mood for that, but she was never rude. But the guy did think this was the case and called her a bitch. And I was, of course she isn't talking to you. It's night and she doesn't know you. Of course, she is not going to talk to you. Although, she did greet. That is something most people wouldn't even do. Just in general, let people be. Unless they are in some sort of danger, of course, then I believe you are even morally obligated to help.

At times, this little film does have a lifetime feel to it. But I got past that real quickly once I got confronted with the sincere approach. Usually I have trouble with forced narratives. But this isn't the case here. So this is one I can recommend, just keep your expectations in check!

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