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Review Princess Madam a.k.a. Under Police Protection a.k.a. Angel Protectors a.k.a. Jin pai shi jie (1989): Excellent girls with guns title directed by Godfrey Ho!

genre: girls with guns, bullet ballet, gun fu, martial arts, action, crime

Another example of a good Godfrey Ho film that kicks ass. I always wondered why Godfrey Ho had his focus on those cut-and-paste films, then I read an interview and it makes sense. We do movies according to the market. "We like to do it for arts, but we must survive too. A producer won't put one million in a production if he can't get back the money." This quote from Godfrey makes it very clear why there were so many bad ninja films out there. And basically anyone willing to pay up for production could be the star. In any case, I am glad we did get to see Godfrey Ho in ultimate form, since it's excellent.

The story for this girls with guns title is very minimal. One could even say focused. It's quite clear where the story is going and why events are happening. But I bet that Ho was very aware that he did need to up the ante drama wise so that the action would have more impact. In that regard, Godfrey Ho definitely succeeded. I am not saying I agree with it, since it does feel a little forced. But I did get into it. Both Mona (Moon Lee) and Lisa (Sharon Young) are subjected to some personal drama because they are responsible for the death of one of the goons who tried to murder Pearl, who is a key witness in the trial against the main baddie. However, Princess Madam is clearly more a Sharon Yeung vehicle, so she gets the worst of it.

However, not without kicking ass to the maximum. And let's be real, that is why we watch these girls with guns titles in the first place. All the action sequences are choreographed well and very stylized. Very John Wooesque and in my book that is always a win. Next to some cool gun play, there are plenty of hard-hitting fights and stunts where both Moon Lee and Sharon Yeung show they are very capable to do most of their stunts by themselves. 

Overall, this is easily one of the best in the genre and a must-watch for sure if you are an action aficionado like me.

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