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Review Resident Evil: Death Island (2023): Arguably the best animated film in the franchise!

genre: animation, action, adventure, horror

Resident Evil: Death Island seem to be a continuation on events in previous animated films and videogames. It does help to know a little of those events. But it has to be said that this film does a good job of explaining as much as possible in the short duration of the film.

For all intends and purposes, this animated film moves along in a very fast pace. There isn't a boring moment in it. Every scene and event count. And on top of that, the four big players of the videogame franchise are banded together. Leon, Chris, Claire and Jill all are in this and every one of them are kicking ass in their own unique way. Although this time, it's more Jill's show, since she has to redeem herself. Brilliant move if you ask me. But this comes at a cost. Like in previous films, the focus is more on the action and spectacle and less on the actual horror. 

While there are enough tense moments, there is not that much dread nor suspense. I really feel that the makers of these films should consider bringing the horror back. Many years ago, I remember playing Resident Evil 2 for the first time on PC. And it was one of the finest horror experiences ever. That game has real terrifying and scary moments, sheer to build-up of atmosphere, dread and shock. These films are the ideal platform to showcase that to a general audience who aren't that familiar with the games. Then again, these films aren't made for them. This clearly is one made for the fans, and I have to applaud Capcom for doing this. The new villain of the story is a little disappointing, although he did come with one very neat idea. I wonder if that idea will be used in later productions.

So how is the action? Sublime. The choreography is of the quality that you could watch the action sequences over and over again and not get bored by them. And before you know it, the film is over. Sweet and short, the way I like it! Definitely a must-watch for the fans. But even non fans will get some enjoyment out of it. Especially considering the CGI. It's excellent. You also really have to appreciate the fact that the Japanese animators don't care about political correctness. The women are strong but also sexy and their assets are often in full display, as it should.

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