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Review Biohazard 4D-Executer (2000): Short that does more in 20 minutes than all of the animated films combined!

genre: action, adventure, horror

Apparently this short is still being played in theme park theatres offering a 4D experience. There are some genius scenes in the film where you can imagine what that must be like. Because even without the bells and whistles, some of the animations will surely give you the creeps. 

While there is action in this film, the main focus is on the dread and terror. And I have to say that I always wondered how those disgusting T virus monsters managed to survive so easily. Well, this short gives an answer to that. It's an incredible but terrifying concept.

I myself watched the DVD version, but someone has remastered it which you watch on youtube. I embedded it here. Definitely worth it if like me, you are craving the horror goodness of the games but never go to witness in the animated films and the live action ones.

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