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Review Brooklyn 45 (2023): Pretty good for the most part but ending is bad!

genre: drama, history, horror

Brooklyn 45 for the most part consists of surprises that will make it worth your while. Unfortunately, there is no payoff at the end. And it's pretty puzzling why there isn't.

There are some known names but not big names and often that is not a good sign. However, for this production, it's a good thing, since it does rely on how the characters act instead of the charisma or likeability of the actors. The characters pretty represent of who they are based on the way they communicate and how they act. The premise is also pretty interesting since it does venture into the supernatural and psychology. For the majority, you do feel like you, the viewer, are being played. And until the ending, I was on board all the way.

All this time, I was hoping for this big twist, which never comes and certainly will make you wonder why you even bothered. One could argue, that all the characters have suffered some trauma due to the second world war and that they are too far out of reach to be saved. The war has made them do things normal people usually don't have to deal with. Although, Bob Sheridan, proves that you don't have to be in the war to suffer from it.

The supernatural elements are nice, but aren't as prominent as promised by the trailer. In fact, these elements hardly matter, since the characters have other pressing issues on their minds. Basically, through the conversations and certain actions will you have to make a choice who is morally right and who is not. It's obvious that most of the viewers will choose the side of the American characters. Even if there is no real reason to. Hildegard Baumann for example points out the many flaws of how the American characters always act on bias instead of common sense.

The ending is a real let down, as it offers no twist or turn whatsoever. Real astonishing that this film leaves events as they are presented. With all this build-up of tension, you would expect some twist that would put things upside down. Except, you are left with an unsatisfying ending and like I said before, no payoff. Real shame!

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