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Review The Breed (2006): Not that bad!

genre: thriller, horror

The Breed certainly has its flaws, but to be honest it does offer some decent scares and thrills.

The biggest flaw of this film is the fact that it regularly stops the suspense and tension in favour of character building. And I would not have minded if that actually enhanced the viewing experience. Unfortunately, it messes up the flow of the film that would have greatly benefited from unrelenting terror. The terror that is present often takes a backseat so that the main characters can take a breath and form plans to battle the evil they are confronted with. This evil is vicious and menacing, but not a constant threat as it supposed to be. 

I don't think the cast can be blamed. They do their best to sell the terror. But director Nicholas Mastandrea is another story. He simply lacks the talent and vision to put the fear of god into you. To be fair, that is an extremely hard feat. Still, this doesn't excuse the fact that producers keep hiring directors who are out of their league. In this case, Wes Craven definitely should have stepped up and interfere. Plot wise, there is even an opening to give the creatures an edge. Or at least give a good explanation of why events are happening. For some reason, though, this element is not banked upon.

But for what it's worth, the film does deliver enough to be scared and entertained. The monsters in this film are a force to be reckoned with. They will mess you up psychologically. Therefore, it's not a waste of your time!

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