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Review Morbius (2022): On par with the Venom films. Entertaining while it lasts!

genre: superhero, comic book adaptation, action, adventure

After the film got blasted but due to memes found new blood (yes, pun intended) I was intrigued. Surely, there must be something to the film?

First, forget everything you know about the Morbius you know from the comics and Spider-Man: The Animated Series. While some of the lore has remained intact, some major elements haven't. Leto's Morbius is too good. In the comics and cartoon, he started out as a villain who has redeemed himself. After a while. The film ignores this and goes straight to him being an anti-hero. I think it would have made more sense for Michael to be devastated and repulsed by his actions once he has got used to the benefits and disadvantages of being the vampire he is. The film, can't wait to turn him into a hero you can root for.

This might have worked with a better and more charismatic actor. Jared Leto is many things, but not a good actor. And certainly not charismatic. He simply is very limited in his range. But it has to be said that I was able to tolerate him far better than I expected. Also, the saving grace of the film is Matt Smith as Milo. I think, he is the only one, who truly understands how to deal with comic book stuff. The origin story feels rushed and lacks depth. Especially on an emotional level. I should be able to sympathize with terminally ill people, and especially if they managed to overturn that predicament. In that department, the film does a poor job of conveying the drama.

That being said, I thought the action and spectacle elements were quite decent. There were even some surprising cool moments once you get confronted with the powers Morbius has. It's clear that Morbius is on par with the Venom films. They are entertaining while it lasts, but aren't quite memorable. This adaptation is also proof of the fact that Spider-Man villains don't work without Spider-Man. It's truly puzzling to me why Sony keeps pushing their own Spider-Man Universe (SSU). Although the after credits scenes do show some promise for the future.

So coming back to the question, is there something to Morbius. It definitely is far better than I had expected. It surely suffers story and lore wise, but kind of makes that up to you with the action elements. Other than that, this is easily a film you could do without. Morbius will only be compelling in combination with Spider-Man and Blade.

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