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Review Fast X (2023): Over the top, beyond ridiculous, but so much fun!

genre: action, crime, thriller, racing, 

After Fast 9, I honestly was getting a little tired of this franchise. I honestly wasn't expecting much from this last part. But damn, they managed to surprise me by bringing the fun back.

And yes, let's be totally clear here. Fast X is immensely fun. It's stupid, ridiculous, over the top, mad and insane. But so much fun! Apart from a couple of slower scenes, it's full on action. Almost non-stop. Now, if not done right, it can get tedious and boring. In this case, though, I was having a blast from start to finish. Even Mrs. P. who normally would fall asleep was wide awake and enjoying herself. Even when she totally dislikes Jason Momoa and John Cena. Cena, the former foe, is a fine addition as Uncle Jakob. Little Brian (played by Leo Abelo Perry) was very likeable. It was very endearing to see how the uncle and nephew were getting along. Then there is the villain of the story played by Momoa who was hamming it up big time. Sometimes funny, sometimes annoyingly gay. I mean, it is getting harder and harder to defend him. It's very clear that he has no range. But would it have hurt hum to at least try. Brie Larson and Alan Ritchson are added to the roster, which is nice since it's always good to see Ritchson being part of big things. And Brie Larson does prove she can be a team player. 

Still, a film like this needs a villain and in that regard, he is very serviceable. Now, there is enough reason to be very critical about this last part in the franchise. But the most pressing one is the under use of a couple of the recurring characters. Perhaps this is the case because of this being a two parter. Yes, you read it correctly. Fast X is split in two parts. This could be very promising or the worst decision ever. Only time can tell. Let's hope it's the first. Because Statham did infuse the film with explosive energy in the short time he was in this.

Overall, compared to Fast 9, this definitely is a vast improvement and actually has me looking forward to the sequel. 

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