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Review Sherlock Holmes (2009): Visually good, very weak plot!

genre: action, adventure, crime

This is an old review I wrote on IMDB.com. I haven't rewatched this one yet, nor do I feel the need to. So for the time being I will stand by what I have written in 2010.

This was one film I really wanted to see. Not being a Sherlock Holmes purist, I wasn't afraid of any change to the traditional characters. 

So at first I wasn't really offended with this Sherlock Holmes fighting his way through like he was Bruce Lee. But I was somewhat disappointed in Guy Ritchie's Sherlock. This Sherlock was incredibly average when it came to his deductive skills. It did seem a bit odd, a brilliant sleuth preferring his fists over his mind. The whole time I was waiting for his genius to rise, which never happened. And for this we can mainly blame the plot. It has to be one of the dullest plots ever. Never mind the fact that it isn't original. At least it could have been made more exciting and engaging. Where was the mystery? I was waiting and waiting till I realized that there was none. And with a run time of 123 minutes, that can't be good. The only redeeming factor is the interaction between Robert Downy Junior and Jude Law. Although I did expect more depth in their characters and relationship. 

Visually, Ritchie's version is top-notch. Everything else is below average. Spare yourself and avoid this film.

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