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Mini reviews Balle perdue a.k.a. Lost Bullet (2020) and Balle Perdue 2 a.k.a. Lost Bullet 2 (2022)

genre: crime, action

Lost Bullet had the promise of an early Luc Besson production, with lots of slick, cool action and hints of humour. Instead, it's a serious crime film with some action but nothing to write home about.

It's not bad. However, not fulfilling the promise of the kick ass Mad Max like action is a real missed opportunity. There is a reason I mentioned Luc Besson. While one could argue that he is very Hollywood. it's undeniable that he brought his own unique and distinctive style that has rarely been copied. Besson had inspired other French directors to do the same. Writer / Director Guillaume Pierret unfortunately didn't get the memo. 

I think while watching the film, you can sense that a lot more could have been done, that it gets stuck following the usual tropes. It could be that the action wasn't memorable due to low budget. Although, that should never be an excuse. 

It looks like Guillaume Pierret took the criticism to heart and improved on the original. Lost Bullet 2 probably is the film he had intended. It might still have some flaws of the original, it does deliver on the action front. But it also has a far more compelling narrative. 

Lino played by Alban Lenoir needs to continue what he has started in the original. This time he goes a step further with delivering true justice. But as expected, he is met with a lot of resistance from both the good cops and the corrupted ones. Stéfi Celma as Julia is now in charge of the drug crime squad. I hardly remember her character, since I think her role was quite small in the original. Now, she is a force to be reckoned with. I really liked the way she carried herself and would like to see more of Celma in future projects in similar roles.

If you enjoyed the first, you will definitely like this sequel. If you didn't like it, I can honestly say that it's very likely you will enjoy this one. It's more focused, action packed and fun! 

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