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Review Cocaine Bear (2023): It's a giant waste of your time!

genre: comedy, thriller, horror

This film demonstrates that Elizabeth Banks doesn't understand what makes genre films great. 

I liked her version of Charlie's Angels to a certain extent. I didn't like the politics and feminist propaganda. Especially when she started complaining about how men don't watch women do action films. It's such a preposterous statement because I am a huge fan of action films and I will basically watch anything whether it features men or women. I don't care that much. However, you can't expect me to watch a film that tries real hard to insult and aggravate men. Mind you, I had managed to see through the facade and politics and tried to judge the film on its own merit. And I am glad I did, because like I said I liked it. Despite what Elizabeth Banks was claiming. 

It doesn't seem like there is an agenda in Cocaine Bear. Or if there was, that completely went over my head. Although, she focuses too much on the characters instead of the bears. If these characters were compelling and actually made you laugh, then perhaps I could have appreciated that. I think she really tried to be clever and edgy, since the majority of the jokes were focused on the drugs and how they were perceived at the time. It also ventures a little into the world of criminals who take part in the drug trade. But it's quite obvious that the people involved have no clue what that entails. The whole concept is based on a bear who transforms into a monster because of cocaine. The real life bear died from it, but this film wants to make you believe that it goes crazy and kills people. Mind you, that is the concept I signed up for. I wanted to see the bear go crazy en beyond and deal out some pain and death to everyone who got in his way. Or at least the people who deserved it. Sadly, the horror goodness that was promised, is barely present. Sure, some blood and gore, but nothing outrageous or insane. The film was begging for it. Instead, we are bombarded with characters who have very little depth to them. If it weren't for the cast, I would have bailed on the film long before it ended. At least, they do make it somewhat bearable, yes pun intended. 

But in all seriousness, this film commits many sins, which I simply can't accept. One of them for example is not using actors like Ray Liotta and Isiah Whitlock Jr. to their full potential. For whatever reason, Ice Cube's son and wannabe Han Solo also are forced into the film as well. But they don't do anything substantial or noteworthy. Liotta and Whitlock Jr. understood, quite well, what they needed to bring to the table but don't get the time or chance to do so. And if the intention was to make us laugh, then why is the comedy so poor? So no, I can't recommend this one bit. It's a giant waste of your time!

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