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Review Charlie's Angels (2019): Apart from a few annoyances I was able to enjoy it

genre: action, comedy, adventure, espionage

For some reason Elizabeth Banks felt it necessary to revive a franchise nobody really wanted to be revived. But there it was and well, things didn't quite work as she intended. Very understandable that she got upset. But by making the claim that " males 'don't go see women do action movies '' she made herself look a little ridiculous. I for one am a man and will watch any action film as long as it's fun. 

Charlie's Angels might be many things but for the most part it is fun. Sure there are many cringe worthy moments especially when the film is being political and makes several statement about female empowerment and the wrong kind of feminism. What is the wrong kind? The kind where women are better than men in any field regardless of biological differences and reality. I am all for equality but that means that men should be included and not left out or put down. Otherwise you are just reversing the roles and why exactly would that be better? In any case as an action /  comedy flick Charlie's Angels is not that bad. Perhaps the choreography and stunt work could have been a little more exciting but I can't lie. I did find myself being entertained by the action sequences. Most of the time due to Kristen Stewart and Ella Balinska. Kristen was a revelation as the wisecracking agent. She smiles and actually was funny. Especially in her interactions with Ella's character. Ella was very convincing as the agent who can kick ass. She is tall, beautiful and tough. They need to put her in a John Wick movie ASAP. And you know what even Naomi Scott was decent. I had the fear she was going to be annoying as hell. Fortunately she managed to not be over the top. 

Like with most spy movies you can guess the plot from a mile away. It already is pretty obvious from the start who the villain is. Yes, Elizabeth uses misdirection and red herrings very effectively but it's nothing you couldn't have predicted yourself. Except maybe one twist at the very end. It's one that mocks and insults the legacy of the original Charlie's Angels. And may I remind you that the original show was never intended for women. So it also insults men in general. Often I am so confused about the SJW movement. I mean there are some points they make I agree with. However they also make a lot of statements that simply aren't true. Like the one Elizabeth made about men not going to see women do action movies. In Hong Kong there is a whole subgenre called Femme Fatale or Girls with Guns where it's all about women kicking ass. Most of these women were subjected to the same conditions as the men were but they rarely get the respect and appreciation for that. What about Sigourney Weaver in Alien or Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2? Or Milla Jovovich in the Resident Evil franchise? Did you think the Underworld franchise would be anything without Kate Beckinsale? The original Star Wars would not have worked without badass Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia. Cynthia Rothrock can do stuff most men only can dream off. Yet apart from the fans we rarely hear her getting praised by these so called social justice warriors. So please spare me the outrage and honour all those female action heroes who were kicking ass long before you were born.

Sorry for the little rant there. But I do believe that if one is going to make statements they better know what they are talking about. Sure Charlie's Angels is pretty decent and entertaining. However it's not a film I would go to watch in the cinema even if they paid me. It's a B action flick most suitable to watch in the comfort of your own home in the weekend. 

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