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Review Plane (2023): Die Hard on an island!

genre: die hard clones, action, adventure

Gerard Butler is one of those actors who often elevates the films, but even he can't save real goofy films like Geostorm for example. Fortunately, Plane is one of his better ones he made recently.

Plane starts out as a disaster film and transforms into a Die Hard film. It's pretty much a formulaic action / adventure flick, yet it did manage to keep me on the edge of my seat thrills wise. And in large part that is because the film does hint a couple of times that certain people and events could make things worse. Louis Gaspare, played by Mike Colter, is one of those uncertainties. You don't know much about him, except that he is in custody and is going to prison for homicide. The agent, who is escorting him, even states that he has built up a lot of experience and therefore should be considered very dangerous. Then there is the constant look sharing. A couple of people, including crew members keep sharing looks implying they might be up to something. One might say that director Jean-Fran├žois Richet (Blood Father) knows how to build up tension with very little. Next to that, the action is solid to good. Plane doesn't get bogged down by the usual tropes like you see in hostage films. Very wisely, they opted to not divulge too much on them so you also root for them. Quite important in the scenes where they are held at gunpoint. You really don't want them to die.

It also looks like Butler did his best to be in shape and look the part. Obviously, he is very competent and a good man. Deep down, I did want him to be a little more flawed. You also will have to deal with heavy incompetence on the side of the baddies and convenience. Why not have the bad guys, once they are at play, be super evil!  Or make things more compelling by twists and turns.

Then again, that would have made the film too dark, and it's pretty clear that this film is aiming for you to have fun. And that is exactly what this film is, fun. From start to finish!

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