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Filmography Yuen Biao

Listed here are all the titles Yuen Biao was involved in as an actor, director, producer, stuntman and action choreographer. (It has to be noted that not all the titles Biao has worked on as an action choreographer are on here. I will add those if and when I come across them)

1966 The Eighteen Darts (Part 1) child actor
1966 The Eighteen Darts (Part 2) child actor
1972 Fist of Fury "Petrov's enemy" (uncredited)
1972 Hapkido "Black Bear student" (supporting role)
1972 Way of the Dragon "thug"
1972 The Fourteen Amazons "Yang soldier" (supporting role)
1973 Chinese Hercules supporting role (extra)
1973 The Rendezvous of Warriors supporting role
1973 Little Tiger of Canton "pickpocket"
1973 Death Blow "Street Thug"
1973 The Master of Kung Fu "Wong's student"
1973 Enter the Dragon "Tournament Fighter" (uncredited)
1973 Attack of the Kung Fu Girls supporting role
1973 Back Alley Princess supporting role
1973 Kickmaster "Japanese" (extra)
1974 Super Kung Fu Kid (extra)
1974 The Shrine of Ultimate Bliss "thug"
1974 Conman and the Kung Fu Kid supporting role
1974 Paris supporting role
1974 Virgins of the Seven Seas (extra)
1974 The Tournament "student"
1975 Kung Fu Stars supporting role
1975 The Boatman Fighters supporting role
1975 The Big Showdown supporting role
1975 The Man from Hong Kong supporting role (uncredited)
1975 The Valiant Ones "1st Pirate in contest"
1976 Brotherhood "San He Tang's gangster"
1976 Killer Clans supporting role
1976 Hot Potato supporting role
1976 Secret Rivals "Russian student"
1976 Challenge of the Masters "Master Pang's student"
1976 The Himalayan (extra)
1976 Hand of Death "assassin"
1976 The Magic Blade (extra)
1976 Shaolin Wooden Men "troublemaker at tavern"
1977 To Kill a Jaguar "Mr Kam's thug"
1977 The Fatal Flying Guillotines (extra)
1977 Secret Rivals 2 supporting role
1977 Last Strike supporting role
1977 Broken Oath "brothel guard / One of Qi's Men"
1977 The Dragon, the Odds "Mo Lai Tao"
1977 Jade Tiger supporting role
1977 Invincible Armour supporting role
1977 Deadly Angels (extra)
1977 Death Duel "Spirit Catcher"
1977 Shaolin Plot "School fighter"
1977 Heroes of Shaolin "sword and knife man"
1977 Snuff Bottle Connection supporting role
1978 My Kung Fu Master "stuntman on movie set"
1978 The Amsterdam Kill supporting role
1978 Dirty Tiger, Crazy Frog "casino fighter"
1978 Warriors Two "Thunder Pai's man
1978 Enter the Fat Dragon "thug in opening scene"
1978 Flying Guillotine 2 (extra)
1978 The Vengeful Beauty "Jin Ren Ting's man"
1978 Swordsman and Enchantress "Mrs Lian's bodyguard"
1978 Game of Death supporting role
1978 Spiritual Kung Fu "Master of the Five Fists" (uncredited)
1978 Shaolin Connection supporting role
1979 Knockabout "Yipao"
1979 Odd Couple stuntman
1979 The Incredible Kung Fu Master action director
1980 The Young Master Sang Kung's son
1980 Snake Deadly Act supporting role
1980 The Victim Jo-Wing's cohort
1980 Encounters of the Spooky Kind "Vampire"
1980 Two Toothless Tigers action director
1980 Bat Without Wings supporting role
1981 Dreadnaught "Mousy"
1981 Game of Death II supporting role
1981 The Prodigal Son "Leung Chang"
1982 Carry On Pickpocket man at bank(cameo)
1982 The Dead and the Deadly action director
1982 Lovers Blades
1983 Winners and Sinners "CID officer"
1983 Project A "inspector Hong Tin-tsu "
1983 The Champions "Lee Tong"
1983 Zu Warriors from the Magic Mountain "Ti Ming-chi / Dik Ming-kei"
1984 Pom Pom "garbage truck driver" (cameo)
1984 Treasure Hunters action director
1985 My Lucky Stars "Ricky"
1985 Mr. Vampire "hopping vampire" (jiang shi)
1985 Heart of Dragon action director
1985 Those Merry Souls "Chiu Chi-lung"
1986 Twinkle, Twinkle Lucky Stars "Inspector Ricky Fung"
1986 Millionaire's Express "Fire Chief Tsao Cheuk-kin"
1986 Rosa "'Little Monster / Hsia"
1986 Mr. Vampire 2 "Yen"
1986 Righting Wrongs "Hsai Ling-cheng" a.k.a. "Jason Chan"
1986 Young Champion
1987 Eastern Condors "Man Yen-chieh" a.k.a. "Rat"
1988 Dragons Forever "Tung Tak-piu" a.k.a. "Timothy"
1988 Picture of a Nymph "Shih Erh"
1988 On the Run "Heung Ming"
1989 Peacock King "Monk Peacock"
1989 Miracles "beggar" (cameo)
1989 The Iceman Cometh "Fong Sau-ching"
1990 Saga of the Phoenix "Peacock"
1990 Licence to Steal "Swordsman"
1990 Shanghai, Shanghai "Little Tiger"
1991 Once Upon a Time in China "Leung Foon"
1991 Baka yarô! 4 You! Omae no koto da yo 3 Sagi naru Japan "Hoi"
1992 A Kid from Tibet "Lo Ba Wong La"
1992 Shogun and Little Kitchen "Tang Tai-chi"
1992 The Setting Sun "Tougetsu"
1992 Ghost Killer action director
1993 The Sword Stained with Royal Blood "Constable Yuen Shing-chi"
1993 Deadful Melody "Lui Lun"
1993 Kick Boxer "Lau Zhai"
1993 Kin chan no Cinema Jack
1994 Circus Kid "Han" a.k.a. "Tung"
1995 Don't Give a Damn "Rambo Wong Yuk-man"
1995 Tough Beauty and the Sloppy Slop "Lee King-tong"
1995 The First Assignment
1996 The Hero of Swallow "Li San" a.k.a. "Swallow Thief"
1996 Dragon in Shaolin "Chung Yat-shan"
1997 The Hunted Hunter "Lin Yue-feng"
1997 Hero "Tam See"
1997 Leopard Hunting action director
1999 A Man Called Hero "Boss"
1999 Millennium Dragon "Ma Sar"
2000 Shanghai Noon "saloon fighter" (uncredited)
2001 The Avenging Fist "Thunder"
2002 No Problem 2 "Lam Kau"
2004 Enter the Phoenix "Mr Hung"
2004 Boxer's Story "Wah"
2004 Hero Youngster "Mr Ou"
2006 Rob-B-Hood "Inspector Steve Mok"
2007 Fight For Love
2007 Legend of Twins Dragon
2009 Turning Point "Superintendent Sin"
2010 Just Another Pandora's Box "Liu Bei"
2010 Empire of Assassins
2010 The Legend Is Born – Ip Man "Ng Chung-suk" / Vincent Yuan
2011 My Kingdom
2012 Tai Chi Hero "Master Li Qian-kun"
2014 Sifu vs Vampire "Feng Shui"
2016 The Bodyguard "Officer" (cameo appearance)

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