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Review Beast a.k.a. Raw (2022): Die Hard in a shopping mall with a twist!

genre: die hard clone, action, comedy, thriller

Honestly, I knew nothing about this film. But I think I saw it recommended somewhere and decided to check it out on Netflix. The big action sequence in the opening was so over the top but entertaining that my interest was peaked. I kinda had a feeling what I was getting into, but nothing could prepare me for what I have seen.

While the action for the most part is incredibly ridiculous, I did have hope that at least the story and tone of the film would be consistent. The way Joseph Vijay played his role, like straight-faced for 96 percent, was a good sign. Unfortunately, tonally, the film is a real mess. The comedy is pretty intrusive and actually is hurting the serious moments. At a certain point, you can't help but feel that you are dealing with a parody or some live action version of a cartoon like Family Guy. I mean, the violence is pretty gratuitous, but you can't possibly take any of it serious. And you really shouldn't since you will have a hard time accepting the bizarre events displayed on the screen. It is asked of you to forget about realism and logic, since there is none to be found in this film.

So what can you expect action wise? Lots of slo-mo action sequences where the hero looks ultra cool no matter what. It would have been nice if this hero would get hurt from time to time. Sure, he often does end up with blood on his clothes and body. Only it's never his own blood. He basically is a super John McClane on steroids. Not once do you fear for him. In that regard, there is nothing thrilling about the film. You guessed it, it's style over substance. But you know what? It's all good, man. There still is a level of excitement to behold visually speaking. You can say what you want, but Tamil cinema definitely is very creative when it comes to action. In that regard, I would easily put it above contemporary Hollywood.

Does this work as a Die Hard clone? Yes and no. For the most, it has many recognizable characteristics. However, it's the tone and  the super John McClane that completely ruins any tension and suspense. A real shame if you ask me, since for the most part the film could have worked as a Die Hard clone had it been more consistent tone wise. Still, Joseph Vijay, does give the film a certain weight. He is very charismatic and you do root for him all the way.

Ultimately, it really depends on your expectations and tolerance for nonsense whether this film is worth your time or not? I personally feel like I have wasted precious time. But I can imagine that very late at night when you are usually less critical will find a certain enjoyment with this flick.

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