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Review Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021): I loved it!

genre: superhero, comic book adaptation, action, adventure, science fiction

When the multiverse was announced in the trailers, I felt excited, but at the same time I was worried about this third part making the same mistake as Spider-Man 3. Namely, having too many characters in a film, which could make events and sub-plots seem messy. Fortunately, this is not the case. In fact, Spider-Man: No Way Home has shown how you can be similar to comic book Spider-Man and be true to the MCU and Sony's Spider-Verse. 

Director Jon Watts and the writers can and should be commended for keeping things surprisingly restricted and focused. I am sure some of you might have hoped a lot more would and could have happened. I mean with a multiverse you have all kinds of possibilities. But where would you start, and how would you end it? So in a way I was happy they managed to condense things and didn't go overboard. While it sounds contradictory, the film was a lot more epic had they not done it. I already knew certain characters were going to return. Usually when that happens in films and shows, it's nothing but a glorified cameo. Perhaps for a couple of them this is the case. But for the real pivotal ones, their parts were significant and huge. Almost like they have been given a second chance. Especially for Tobey Maguire. Say what you want, for most of us, he was THE Peter Parker. Him being Spider-Man again for this film was beautiful. Still, having three spider-men was nothing short of brilliant. It was magical! I liked how each Spider-Man got the respect and recognition they deserved. Not going to lie, it was immensely emotional to see them in action together right after something big has happened.

I read a comment on IMDB where someone stated that this film was a spectacle, but not spectacular enough. Sure, action and special effects wise, this film might seem like a little step back compared to previous films in the MCU. Although, make no mistake, whenever Doctor Strange is around you can be sure he will display some gorgeous insanity on your screen. It's as impressive as ever, or even more so when you don't really expect it. Still, I do want to emphasize that while there is plenty of eye candy, the real spectacle consists of the dynamics between the main characters and what happens to them, dramatically speaking. When things occur, it matters. It's not just for show or fun. Actions have consequences and yes Peter Parker again is reminded of his responsibilities. And they way they have done this hit me right in the heart. It was honest and sincere. Shame on the people for calling that lazy fan service. That is doing injustice to the integrity of the actors and the characters they are playing. In the moments they have they make it count and that should always be appreciated.

I was worried that the trailers and the clips that were revealed would have spoilt the fun. I am very glad to report that even knowing certain events, I was still touched and impacted by them. From all the Tom Holland Spider-Man films, this has the most heart and is the most comic book Spider-Man of them all. A must-watch for sure!

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