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Filmography Roger Corman

Listed here are all the titles Roger Corman was involved in as a writer / director / producer. Do consider this a work in progress as the list is absolutely huge.

1954 Highway Dragnet Associate producer, story
1954 Monster from the Ocean Floor Producer, actor ("Tommy" - uncredited)
1954 The Fast and the Furious Producer, actor, stunt driver, 2nd unit
1955 Five Guns West Director, producer
1955 The Beast with a Million Eyes Director of some scenes, executive producer (uncredited)
1955 Apache Woman Director, producer
1955 Day the World Ended Director, producer
1956 Swamp Women Director, producer
1956 The Oklahoma Woman Director, producer
1956 It Conquered the World Director, producer
1956 Gunslinger Director, producer, original idea
1957 Naked Paradise Director, producer, actor
1957 Not of This Earth Director, producer
1957 Attack of the Crab Monsters Director, producer
1957 Rock All Night Director, producer
1957 The Undead Director, producer
1957 Teenage Doll Director, producer
1957 Carnival Rock Director, producer
1957 Sorority Girl Director, producer
1958 The Saga of the Viking Women and Their Voyage to the Waters of the Great Sea Serpent Director, producer
1958 War of the Satellites Director, producer, actor
1958 Machine-Gun Kelly Director, producer
1958 She Gods of Shark Reef Director, producer
1958 Night of the Blood Beast Producer
1958 Hot Car Girl Executive producer, Actor
1958 The Cry Baby Killer Executive producer, Actor
1958 Teenage Caveman Director
1959 I Mobster Director, producer
1959 A Bucket of Blood Director, producer
1959 Attack of the Giant Leeches Executive Producer
1959 The Wasp Woman Director, actor ("Doctor in the Hospital") (uncredited)[1]
1960 Ski Troop Attack Director, actor, producer
1960 Battle of Blood Island Executive producer
1960 House of Usher Director, producer
1960 Last Woman on Earth Director, producer
1960 The Little Shop of Horrors Director, producer
1961 Atlas Director, producer, actor
1961 Creature from the Haunted Sea Director, producer
1961 The Pit and the Pendulum Director, producer
1962 The Premature Burial Director, producer
1962 The Intruder Director, producer
1962 Tales of Terror Director, producer
1962 Tower of London Director
1963 The Young Racers Director, producer
1963 The Raven Director, producer
1963 The Terror Director, producer
1963 The Haunted Palace Director, producer
1963 X: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes Director, producer
1963 Dementia 13 Producer
1964 The Masque of the Red Death Director, producer
1964 The Secret Invasion Director
1964 The Tomb of Ligeia Director, producer
1965 Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet Producer
1966 Blood Bath Producer
1966 The Wild Angels Director, producer
1967 Devil's Angels Producer
1967 A Time for Killing Director (uncredited)
1967 The St. Valentine's Day Massacre Director, producer
1967 The Trip Director, producer
1968 The Wild Racers Director (uncredited), producer
1968 Targets Producer
1969 De Sade Director (uncredited)
1969 Target: Harry Director (as Henry Neill)
1970 The Dunwich Horror Producer
1970 Bloody Mama Director, producer
1970 Gas-s-s-s Director, producer
1971 Von Richthofen and Brown Director, producer
1972 Boxcar Bertha Producer
1973 Sweet Kill Producer
1974 Caged Heat Producer
1974 Cockfighter Producer
1974 The Arena Producer
1974 The Godfather Part II Actor ("Senator #2")
1975 Death Race 2000 Producer
1976 Cannonball! Actor
1976 Fighting Mad Producer
1976 Eat My Dust Executive Producer
1977 Grand Theft Auto Producer
1977 I Never Promised You a Rose Garden Producer
1978 Deathsport Producer, director (uncredited)
1978 Piranha Producer
1978 Avalanche Executive Producer
1979 Rock 'n' Roll High School Producer
1981 The Howling Actor
1980 Smokey Bites the Dust Producer
1982 Forbidden World Producer
1983 Space Raiders Producer
1983 Suburbia Presenter and producer
1984 Swing Shift Actor ("Mr. MacBride")
1987 Sweet Revenge Producer
1987 Slumber Party Massacre II Producer
1987 Munchies Producer
1988 Andy Colby's Incredible Adventure Producer
1989 Masque of the Red Death Producer
1989 The Terror Within Producer
1989 Lords of the Deep Producer / Actor
1990 Naked Obsession Producer
1990 Frankenstein Unbound Director
1990 Slumber Party Massacre III Producer
1991 The Silence of the Lambs Actor ("F.B.I. Director Hayden Burke")
1991 The Unborn Producer
1992 Killer Instinct Producer
1992 Munchie Producer
1993 Carnosaur Producer
1993 Dracula Rising Producer
1993 The Skateboard Kid Producer
1993 Body Bags Actor
1993 Philadelphia Actor ("Mr. Laird")
1994 The Unborn 2 Producer
1994 Angel of Destruction Producer
1994 Hellfire Producer
1994 The Fantastic Four Producer
1995 The Wasp Woman Producer
1995 Apollo 13 Actor ("Congressman")
1995 Carnosaur 2 Producer
1995 A Bucket of Blood Producer
1995 Dillinger and Capone Executive Producer
1996 Carnosaur 3: Primal Species Producer
1999 The Shepherd Producer
2000 Scream 3 Actor ("Studio Executive")
2001 Raptor Producer
2002 Escape from Afghanistan Producer
2003 Looney Tunes: Back in Action Actor ("Hollywood Director")
2004 Dinocroc Producer, presenter[1]
2006 The Hunt for Eagle One Producer
2006 The Hunt for Eagle One: Crash Point Producer
2007 Supergator Producer
2008 Death Race Executive Producer
2010 Dinoshark Producer
2010 Dinocroc vs. Supergator Producer
2010 Sharktopus Producer
2011 Death Race 2 Executive Producer
2012 Piranhaconda Producer
2012 Attack of the 50 Foot Cheerleader Producer
2013 Death Race 3: Inferno Executive Producer
2014 Roger Corman's Operation Rogue Producer
2015 Sharktopus vs. Pteracuda Producer
2015 Fist of the Dragon Producer
2015 Sharktopus vs. Whalewolf Producer
2017 Death Race 2050 Producer
2018 Death Race: Beyond Anarchy Executive producer

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