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Review The Voyeurs (2021): Fifty Shades of Grey meets Rear Window.

genre: mystery, thriller, drama

Fifty Shades of Grey meets Rear Window? Do I even want to watch this film? Don't worry unlike Fifty Shades the sex actually has a purpose. And no, it's not to entice you. But revealing that would spoil the fun. And I wouldn't dare to do that.

The Voyeurs starts out real slow and innocent where a young couple have moved to a new apartment with a good view on the apartment across of them. Like in every adaptation or film based on Rear Window it's apparent something dark is brooding. However in this film it takes much longer for the twists and turns to happen. In hindsight it's actually a brilliant form of misdirection since you are lead to believe that The Voyeurs is more about the characters and their state of minds. Naturally that does play a part. Only not in the way you think. For example it is clear that Pippa (Sydney Sweeney) is missing something in her relationship. While it is easy to blame her boyfriend Thomas (Justice Smith) for having a lack of imagination. She never really expresses to him that she wants to spice up things. I think many women make the same mistake. Sure they try to put on sexy clothes and such. But they never directly state what they want. Sometimes out of fear or shame for being branded a slut or something similar. I think most men would be very willing to experiment but it is something you have to communicate about. You need to be very clear and set up some rules and boundaries in case you get carried away. Instead Pippa chooses to fantasize about Seb. It's not that far fetched to be honest since they do have sex out in their apartment with no curtains to speak of. 

At first Thomas is game and even comes up with a clever way of listening in to Julia and Seb. But very soon he has some moral issues with it since he does realize he is invading their privacy and he just doesn't feel good about it. Pippa however gets obsessed with Julia and Seb. She even feels sympathy for Julia at a certain moment. Now I don't really know if that was sincere or just a ploy to get closer to Seb since there are many moments after it is clear all she wants is Seb. For whatever reason she is hell bent to tell Julia the truth about Seb. By doing so she opens a can of worms where events go from bad to worse. Like I said, it takes a while for events to spin out of control but when they do it is completely enthralling and entertaining. Mind you, you do have to suspend disbelief a little. But that usually is a given with mystery films like these. In this case it will give you some twists and turns you won't see coming.

The Voyeurs is not an erotic thriller. I mean yes, there is sex. But it's never enticing or arousing. I think that is done deliberately. It will become clear at the end. In essence The Voyeurs is very much a mystery film about wickedness and evil in their many forms. A must watch if you ask me!

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