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Review Mission Impossible - Fallout (2018): It's an action classic!

genre: action, adventure, thriller

By now I must have seen MI - Fallout around 4 times and believe it or not I enjoyed the fourth time just as much as the first time. Or actually a little more. 

Last year I purchased a 4K TV  (55pus6704) which ventured me in the realm of Ultra High Definition and High Dynamic Range (HDR). This last feature is what got me excited. The demo's on Youtube demonstrated what my TV was capable of. I also had purchased an XBOX ONE X  for it's 4k capabilties and it's 4K Blu-Ray player. This is where the frustration started. Turned out that my HDMI Switch and some of my HDMI cables weren't 4k HDR 60 hrz compatible. Some of the 4K Blu-Rays which claim to have HDR most of the time only have it in parts. How are you supposed to know this? By reading and listening to reviews since film fans like me will warn you of this fact. Now I am not someone who quits easily but I wished I had known then what I know now. In short there are a lot of myths and lies concerning this and unfortunately you do need to do some proper research before you can truly enjoy the UHD / HDR experience. But even with all the knowledge it's hard to figure out what is true and what is not. If certain respectable tech Youtubers claim that you have a faulty or cheap television that is incapable of displaying HDR correctly 7 out of the 10 times they deceiving you. Most of the TV's have all the bell and whistles required of you but it takes some work to get it right. Two days ago I have purchased the BenQ TK700STi 4K Gaming beamer because I wanted to see if that would make the difference. I don't even know where to start but I can definitely say that the difference is huge. I now see what it means to have HDR in film. After all the agony and mostly having wasted a lot of money I am finally there where I should have been all along. I am finally watching films like I am supposed to in my own little home. You must be thinking why this long story concerning the HDR. Because it was claimed by many that the HDR on MI - Fallout is phenomenal. I totally agree with this.

Now the film itself. Ever since this franchise started I have loved it excluding the third. It's an abomination. Read my review why I think so. Most wonderful of this franchise it that it never stops impressing. Tom Cruise is living proof that old age doesn't mean you can't do certain things any more. With his death defying stunts you can't help but feel inspired to get in shape and jump off from balconies yourself. Story wise the films might not always be clever or logical. action and spectacle wise they are excellent. Fallout is not different. So much is going on and each time you are on the edge of your seat when the big events are happening. Even after multiple viewings. I really liked that they reflected on Ethan Hunt a little and the impact he had on people. I know some people might find it annoying or bothersome that Tom Cruise feels the need to get praised this much but he isn't doing anything that many other action heroes have been doing. It is quite rare for them to get praised so I honestly don't see anything wrong with this. Arc wise Ethan's character has grown. He is a little older and wiser and now actually takes the time to think about his actions and the consequences. I certainly appreciate it that someone who is often in the middle of super devastating crises takes responsibility for his actions.

I also loved how every member (whether official or not) have their part to play. Ethan isn't the only one who is facing danger. I liked it how these latest films are connected in a substantial way even if I do think the stories need a change of direction. They feel very similar. But that being said I am happy to report that this last entry in the franchise is one you can enjoy again and again. A must watch especially if want to get a good taste of what the HDR experience entails!

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