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Review Insidious: The Last Key (2018): Better than the third entry and a bit underrated if you ask me!

genre: horror, drama

Little disclaimer: I had intended to write the review for this film immediately after I had watched it. Then like with my of my plans life got in the way. It's been almost six or seven months ago I watched this. Yet I still remember most of it. That usually is a good thing.

After the third entry in the Insidious franchise I didn't really have a lot of hope they would reinvent themselves. Mind you I never expected them too. All I want is a recreation of the tension and dread of the original. Or at least an attempt to do so. After reading the numerous bad reviews I decided not to waste my time with it. I can't remember why exactly but the title popped on my radar and I thought why not? 

I was real surprised to find out how good it actually was. I mean of course this part is not doing anything different from what the franchise is known for. However it very successfully manages to instill dread and terror at the right moments. Even knowing that something ominous is about to happen you can't quite guess when the fright starts. It's like when you expect it too happen, it doesn't and then when you revert to your calm self it puts the fear in you with full force. If anything Insidious: The Last Key is a masterclass of demonstrating how to build up atmosphere and dread the right way. Are all the jump scares effective? No. But unlike the second part it's not filled with them either. In that regard the second one was real ridiculous. This third entry went back to the basics and kept those to a minimum so that you are actually looking forward to the creepy and scary moments. It's definitely less loud and predictable. 

Another driving force is the tragedy concerning Elise Rainier (Lin Shaye) in combination with the comic relief provided by Specs and Tucker. It gives you a nice and balanced viewing experience many other filmmakers could learn from. As much as I would like to have more of the elements I love, if you get too much all the time, you simply will get tired and bored of it real quickly. You need slower parts to give your brain some rest and digest of what's going on. If you have a strong imagination like me you will be able to go to places in your mind to make the events that are displayed on the screen infinitely more terrifying. 

For the fans of the franchise and horror lovers in general this definitely is a title I can recommend. And if they continue this route I am all for more sequels especially if they for once and all establish that all the horror films produced by James Wan are part of the same universe. That would be so awesome. Once can hope right? 

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