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Review True Lies (1994): Flawed James Cameron classic!

genre: action, adventure, comedy, espionage

True Lies basically is a James Bond film with Schwarzenegger as Bond. If that is not different enough for you. They also put a twist on things by adding a wife and daughter into the mix who are unaware of Harry Tasker's real profession. Wife played by Jamie Lee Curtis is bored and daughter played by Eliza Dushku is a bit too rebellious for her age. Is Harry up for the task to make them happy again?

When it comes to bad guys Harry Tasker feels like a fish in the water. When he needs to go into action he doesn't waste a second. But he is rarely puzzled or worried. However, when it comes to his wife and daughter, he doesn't seem to understand that things aren't like they are supposed to be. Now, this twist back in the day was that one element that made events super compelling and funny. After multiple viewings though, it does lose its effectiveness. Although the stripping scene with Jamie Lee Curtis will remain to be sexy and impressive. What I liked most about this scene is that right after Harry pretending to be a pervert tries to be romantic with her. This goes horribly wrong since his wife is literally fighting for her life and doesn't waste a single second to dish out some pain. It's hilarious since even when she had no choice to be there, she wouldn't sell out on her marriage and her husband. It's a bit of a shame that next to the subplot with the wife that there is no subplot concerning his daughter. Why not? I think her being so defiant warranted some extra fatherly love. And I think it would be a good lesson to teach. As a father, you do need to spend quality time with your kids as well.

Even when the subplots can be a little too distracting after multiple viewings. The action scenes remain to be big and spectacular. It's not surprising, since say what you will about James Cameron, he knows how to do action. It doesn't really matter who you put in the cross-hairs, he will make them look good. However, him and Arnold Schwarzenegger combined? It's a match made in heaven.

True Lies might not always be strong and effective, it's still one hell of a thrill ride even today. A must own! If there ever was a film that deserved a release on Blu-ray, it's this film.

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