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Review Boss Level (2021): Groundhog Day with Frank Grillo!

genre: action, mystery, science fiction

Boss Level appeared on my radar and apart from some videos on you tube, wikipedia and IMDB.com I couldn't find much information on it. With the big names (Mel Gibson, Frank Grillo, Michelle Yeoh and Naomi Watts) involved you would expect this film would have gotten more exposure. Perhaps this is another film that has fallen victim to COVID19 and was supposed to get a big theater release. Whatever the cause here are my thoughts on the film. 

I am going to be honest. Once I saw the lead engage himself in all kinds of close quarters military combat it got me all excited. What better to see the same action sequences over and over again from all kinds of perspectives. Imagine the hard hitting action scenes from top notch action films like Hard Boiled, Extraction or John Wick stuck in a time loop. I can't get enough of that. I truly can't. But soon I realize that I had set my expectations too high. Sure Boss Level is action packed. However unlike what you expect you won't get hard hitting or non stop action as promised. And by hard hitting I mean you that you really feel the impact of the violence. Our main character Roy Pulver played by Frank Grillo gets killed many times. Sometimes truly gruesome ways. Only it's never to the extent that you are shocked. All of his deaths are very cartoonish. You also aren't supposed to take it that seriously since him reliving his life over and over again is like playing a videogame. Now while I like this take, it never really ties in that well. There is another plot element that explains everything except the videogame analogy. It's a missed opportunity since they could have done much more with the concept. 

Also this time loop concept has been done many times before and I wished I could say that this film does things differently. It sticks to the basics and never really does anything new with it. I myself didn't care for the time loop element as much except the application of it on the action sequences like I stated earlier. Another missed opportunity since let's face it basically most of us will watch this film for the action. That being said, the slower moments did keep my interest since it provided nice moments between Roy Pulver and his loved ones. 

Overall Boss Level certainly is entertaining enough. But it could have been so much better!

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