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Evil Eye (2020) and The Lie a.k.a. Between Earth and Sky (2020): Blumhouse mysteries!

genre: thriller, horror, mystery

Review Evil Eye (2020)

A mother wants her daughter to grow up and settle. When the daughter finally has found someone she is mad about, the mother has her doubts.

The least you know the more you are going to enjoy this mystery film. At least that way the mystery will remain one. The mother daughter relationship is essential and is something most people can relate to. Especially the theme of a parent putting pressure on their child for what they deem is good and righteous. In this case the mother means well but then contrasts herself when she doesn't feel right about the partner her daughter has chosen. I mean she finally has hooked up and is being serious and all the mother can do is motivate her daughter to break off this relationship. The mother takes if pretty far bordering to making you wonder if she is quite right in the mind. It is implied that psychologically speaking the mother is a little disturbed. 

Now for the most part the film is compelling. However it could have been far stronger and have much more impact. It's hard to get into this without spoiling the plot but it's mostly due to film not playing around with the tropes. Basically the film will go into the direction you think it's going to go. I wished that they would have tried harder to misdirect us with the elements and be a little more daring. 

But while this film won't wow you I can't say that this felt like a waste of my time. While it lasts it's entertaining. Nothing more nothing less!

genre: crime, thriller, mystery

Review The Lie a.k.a. Between Earth and Sky (2018)

The Lie is a film that is undoubtedly going to make you angry. For several reasons. But does that make it a bad film? 

Well, one could argue about that. It definitely will engage you whether you like it or not. Basically there is one event in this film that everything evolves around. And there are a lot of problems with this event. I doubt in real life something like that could happen. But you will have a much better time if you go with it. Still, even if you go with it, the film will throw things at you which will make the film more ridiculous by the minute. The mistakes made by the parents especially are astounding. I know they are trying to be the best parents they can but both of them aren't really right in their mind. They are far too forgiving and understanding towards their daughter played by Joe King. And this daughter, I don't care how innocent she looks, her behaviour and attitude is preposterous. And as you will find out deserves the worst one could wish upon someone. But I can assure you that you won't be prepared for the insanity she unleashes. It's too bad they didn't show the aftermath. Then again that does point out the biggest problem of this film. It's more suited as an episode of The Twilight Zone or something similar than as a full featured film. Because long before the time ends you will be either furious or bored. It takes far too long for the film to makes it point. 

The Lie tries to provoke you but fails to actually challenge you since it assumes, you, the audience is not that bright. So, is it bad? For most this will be. However I think there is some merit to the cold atmosphere, the acting and the premise. 

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