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Review Wonder Woman 1984 (2020): Call me crazy but I thought this was much better than the original!

genre: comic book adapatation, super hero, action, adventure, fantasy

If Mrs. P, who normally has a hard time staying awake during even The Avengers: Endgame, manages to not only not fall asleep but also ends up liking the film there must be something special about this.

And while I realize that Wonder Woman 1984 has many flaws I don't agree with the people who say this film was bad. Because in all honestly it wasn't. I don't even think it's fair to compare this to the original since Wonder Woman deviates from the source material so much that is has become it's own thing which probably is exactly what DC fans are bothered by. Not that I am an expert on Wonder Woman. Actually I have never read the comics. Although I do know her from the animated films and shows. But it is very clear that this film is trying to convey a sense of hope and optimism. A superhero film is the best platform to do so since that for me always has been the main element for me that needed to work. Most live action DC films never seemed able to do this correctly. 

Wonder Woman is less about Diana and more about the people and what superheroes can achieve to help and inspire people. It's super basic but incredibly effective. Sure I would have liked to see more action. For starters a longer battle between Cheetah and Wonder Woman would have been nice. Or even just Wonder Woman fighting crime a little more frequent. Perhaps a little less 80's nostalgia or Steve Trevor. Although not going to lie, I liked the dynamics between them. It was more natural and believable. This time I actually felt for them as a couple. In the original it was just a plot element we were forced to accept. Also let me be absolutely clear. I love the 80's and everything about it. However this decade doesn't really matter much for the plot. It easily could have taken place a decade later or a decade before that. Now it's just a gimmick that unfortunately is not capitalized on as much as they could have. 

Speaking of Cheetah. She could have been cut out of the film and it would not have mattered also. Don't get me wrong. It's very nice to see Kirsten Wiig in a villainous role. If she had been given the chance to take center stage then I am sure we would have gotten a more traditional comic book adaptation. I guess this is why some fans are so disappointed with Wonder Woman 1984. Instead of following the usual path they take a turn by focusing on a main villain who basically is an allegory for how humans can be when they are at their worst. But even for Maxwell Lord (played by a brilliant Pedro Pascal) there is a path to redemption. It's a message that resonates with me. Besides it's one that makes events more compelling and relatable. 

Like in the first you get to see younger Diana doing her thing on Themyscira. It was one of the best parts in the original. So it made sense they would return. Except it's also something that could have been cut from the film and would not have mattered one bit. Perhaps Patty Jenkins could and should have learned from Arrow where they were masterfully showed how you can make use of flashbacks and intertwine them in a way that provides dramatic impact. Now it's just a scene that is added for padding.

Despite the flaws I really dug what Wonder Woman 1984 was going for. It gives you an improvement on the relationship between Steve and Diana. We get a better idea of how strong and powerful Wonder Woman actually should be. It demonstrates that a lot can be done with the character and it's universe and still can appeal to people not familiar with this world. 

Overall Wonder Woman 1984 is one hell of a blockbuster film provided on a streaming service due to COVID19. Yes, it probably would have had a bigger impact had this been shown in theaters if things were normal. However this is one of the best popcorn films that has come out this year and I for one am glad that I could enjoy it in the comforts of my own home. A very special Christmas gift!

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