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Review Fatman (2020): Santa is taking it to the next level!

genre: action, comedy, fantasy

First Hollywood star Kurt Russel took a jab at playing Santa Clause in The Christmas Chronicles and now it's Mel Gibson. In both cases you would not expect these characters to take on the role. While Kurt took the more traditional approach Mel does it a little differently.

At first glance it may look like Fatman is demystifying and mocking Santa Clause. However in hindsight I don't think this is the case. All the traditional elements are here but with a twist. Santa is a little out of his element. He is grumpy and doubting himself. Then an event occurs which makes him realize he needs to change things up. What is this event? Well, spoiled brat Billy Wenan puts out a hit on Santa since he is disappointed with what he received as a gift from Santa. Since when is not getting what you want a reason to kill someone? How demented and evil do you have to be to even consider something like that? Then again, what is wrong with the hitman played by Walton Goggins? Should he even accept this job from this evil kid? Worst of all is the fact that he has been doing jobs for the kids for a long time. So again this kid is real bad news.

Meanwhile Santa is trying to keep his enterprise afloat. The Christmas spirit is at an all time low and because of that is forced to outsource his elves to the US government. As you might have guessed things seem to be real bad for Santa and his wife. You won't see happy faces or the usual magical stuff in most Christmas movies about Santa Clause. It's something you need to get used to since the film therefore is less festive. And I must admit that I didn't actually like the way this film ended. Then I gave it some thought and it dawned on me that it is very possible they wanted to bring back the old Santa Clause. The one who would let Krampus devour bad kids. But only if they ignore the last chance given by Santa. I kind of like that idea. Evil kids like Billy need to have put the fear of god into them. Otherwise they will never ever learn. Except this Santa Clause doesn't need Krampus to do the dirty work.

For some reason this film is being branded as a black comedy. It certainly is darker than you would expect. But I wouldn't call this film funny. While the premise might seem funny they way events are presented and acted I wouldn't call this a laugh riot. Actually I don't think apart from a few adult jokes there are any jokes. Naturally the concept is weird and bizarre there is nothing truly outrageous going on except for the violence. Somehow Mel Gibson and violence go together. So you shouldn't be surprised by that.

Overall Fatman certainly is a film that deserves to be watched. Just don't go expecting it to be something like Bad Santa or The Christmas Chronicles

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