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Review Bad Santa (2003): Crude but funny and endearing!

genre: comedy, crime, drama

Bad Santa is a black comedy meaning it will be very dark and crude and not a non stop laugh riot. Although I can assure you there will be enough absurd moment that will make you laugh out loud.

Billy Bob Thornton as Willie is basically one of the worst human beings on this planet. He doesn't seem to care about things anymore and goes through the motions to experience bliss as much as he can in the obvious ways. Alcohol and women. Together with Marcus (Tony Cox) they form a pair of thieves who every year sign up as Santa Claus and Elf so that they can hit the mall they work at from the inside. They apparently steal enough to live of the loot for a year. You would think that at least for the few days that Willie has to work could pretend to be more chipper and professional. Well, forget about that. He really doesn't care and will insult and be crude to almost everyone. But then one day The Kid (Brett Kelly) crosses his path and his life will change somewhat. The Kid is this movie's magic trick as he will totally charm and endear you. More so because of the situation he is in. He basically lives on his own since his father is in jail and the grandmother who is supposed to take care of him is totally senile and needs care herself. But for whatever reason it's his eternal faith and trust in Willie that will catch you off guard. You can't but help feel for the little guy and not even Willie can withstand his love and innocence.

That being said this film probably won't have the same effect as most Christmas movies will have. This won't make you tear up or make you feel incredibly happy. However it will throw darkness at you in a way you can laugh about it. So it is very possible you might not like it. Still it is one that can grow on you with time since it does dish out some truth and will make you relate to characters even if some of their actions are despicable.

Believe it or not this film did manage to put me into a better Christmas spirit than before and for that I am grateful So do give this film a chance. And Merry Christmas to everyone 😊!

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