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Review War (2019): A step up from most Bollywood action flicks!

genre: action, bullet ballet, thriller

If it hadn't been for the Indian cast you could have fooled me by saying this was a Hollywood production. Very similar to the Mission Impossible film series and the Fast and Furious franchise. Big, loud but also extremely stylish. I personally loved the many John Woo esque action sequences.  Actually those scenes won me over. Otherwise I might have condemned this basically super dumb but fun Indian blockbuster film.

Make no mistake while there are plenty of serious moments and you are supposed to take most of the plot serious War is an incredibly dumb film. By that I mean they do ask of you to suspend disbelief many times. That in itself is not that problematic. The fact that War has borrowed plot elements and action sequences from other films is. Mind you these action sequences are all choreographed well and very enjoyable. Still you can't help but feel like you have seen all of this before. It took me a long time to tell myself to go along with the film and not be so suspicious and negative. However that is pretty tasking when we are supposed to take Tiger Shroff seriously as a soldier. Sure he obviously is skilled in martial arts. But does he really have to show off is kicks the way he does. It looks like he is taking part in some ballet or dance routine. Besides how effective are such kicks when your opponents are armed. Even people who never used guns before could have shot him twenty times over before he got near to them. And no I am not a hater. I usually love it if a man can deal with his opponents in hand to hand combat. As long as it is done in a way that seems plausible. Putting yourself in harms way when you easily could have disposed of enemies with a weapon seems foolish and inefficient to me. 

Next to action sequences being ripped off there are also many plot elements that have been copied from John Woo films and films like Die Another Day. Granted these elements will surely shock people. Most likely not in the way they were intended tough. Especially if you are supposed to take those moments extremely seriously. I do think that this film is a step up from most Bollywood action flicks however they really have to abstain themselves from resorting to fantasy elements like this since those detract to much from the overall viewing experience. 

That being said the film is very entertaining from start to finish although the duration could and should have been shortened. Despite this flaw I can recommend this film if you are craving good action. 

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