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Review Kiss of the Dragon (2001): Jet Li, Corey Yuen and Luc Besson are a golden combination!

genre: action, martial arts, crime

Jet Li plays a Chinese agent who gets framed for a murder he didn't commit. Naturally he wants to prove his innocence and get out of this predicament. Of course not without crushing some bones.

If you think about it the plot is nonsensical. Why would a French cop be allowed to kill people whenever he feels like it? Why was a Chinese agent needed in the first place? How in the hell did a hooker from Montana USA get involved into all of this? Why did the French agents act like gangsters even if they wanted to have their piece of the heroin trade? Why didn't the French cop kill the hooker? Wouldn't she be a liability? It's not like he had qualms killing people? There are so many questions raised. And none of the answers even if they got answered really matter. The plot like with many action films is used as an excuse to motivate the many action sequences. It's incredibly effective. The action is top notch. It's hectic but choreographed well. You can actually follow what is happening. Plus Corey Yuen knows how to make action exciting with very minimal means. Especially the finale is rewarding.

Although I didn't really like Bridget Fonda's involvement. She was too much of a distraction. Her scenes also slow down the action and easily could have been left out. Then again the film would have been a little on the short side. Definitely one I can recommend!

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