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Review Uri: The Surgical Strike (2019): Severely underrated!

genre: action, drama, war

Like with many films today most attention goes to the ultra stylish but often ridiculous action blockbusters like Saaho and War. While those two do have some merits they pale in comparison to Uri: The Surgical Strike.

I had never heard of this film and was completely unaware of the historical events this was based on. Naturally some dramatic liberties have been taken. Still most of the action seems solid and realistic as in that soldiers aren't super human, run out of bullets but are highly efficient and deadly when they need to be. If it weren't for my never ending search for John Woo type action flicks or films that are very similar to those I don't think I would have come across this one. I for one am glad I did. Even felt super patriotic and proud which for me is weird and rare. Patriotism in films is something I am willing to condone and put up with if it is backed up by kickass action and good storytelling. Whether it's American, Chinese or Indian. It doesn't matter to me. Usually I get what these films are about. It's more than just saying look how good we are. Sometimes it is just to inform people of certain facts and entertain them at the same time. Or to express emotions to these events. Of course there could be more reasons. And yes in this case it is a demonstration of what India is capable of. I don't think there is anything wrong with this especially since this type of film is quite rare for India. 

Sure there are a bunch of patriotic films but most of them are super dramatic, highly unrealistic and often silly. Uri at least attempted to make it as truthful possible. For someone to dismiss this as blatant propaganda probably has some bias against the events. These comments are not new by the way. I think almost every film that features a war of some kind will be subjected to that bias. A little film called The Delta Force absolutely gets slammed mostly because of political and religious views. While I understand that sentiment it's not fair to the film and the people who don't share those views. There is a reason this is a film and not a documentary.

What really surprised me was how much constraint the film has to actually show you action. It really does a good job of setting up events and atmosphere to bring you in a certain mindset and then give you the action you crave for. It's real cathartic and super entertaining. I also liked that the film paid attention to the intelligence and how some of it is gathered. It's an aspect I never get tired of but often is downplayed in favour of the spectacle. But none of this would have an impact if the actors weren't as good as they are. They really sell you the story and events. If big names had been used they would have ruined the authenticity of this film 

It's a real shame that films like this don't get the attention they deserve. Apart from the topic every aspect of film making is excellent. A lot of love and care went into this project and it shows. Definitely a must watch!

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