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Review The Fatal Raid (2019): Bullet ballet with hot women!

genre: girls with guns, action, crime

The Fatal Raid is the unofficial sequel to Special Female Force. Both films nobody asked for but in my opinion is a trend that should be continued. I can't get enough of the girls with guns genre especially if it delivers the top notch action the genre is famous for,

And The Fatal Raid certainly delivers on the action and beautiful asskicking women. But it's everything else that is a bit messy. The little bit of plot is all over the place which could have been remedied by better dialogue and better characterization. Instead it takes director Jacky Lee far too long to get to the point. Essentially he never does. Of course it is clear to me that this film tries real hard to evoke sympathy for the police officers and the impact their jobs can have on them. That they deserve to be respected and rewarded properly. But they rarely do. They also don't get the help they need after a very traumatic event has happened to them. How many times does an officer of the law have to plead for more coverage for his brethren and their families who are left behind? I got all that. However this film also then pleads to forgive and forget their criminal actions where a lot of innocents get hurt and killed. 

Madam Fong (Jade Leung) seems to be a pivotal character but only when the plot demands it. A few other actresses from Special Female Force also return. Thing is that it's not clear to me whether they are the same characters from that film or whether they are new ones. My guess is that they are complete different characters. And unlike in Special Female Force they aren't the ones the plot is revolving around. Most attention goes to Patrick Tam as a heavily traumatized and disgruntled police officer who is unable to move on. Still don't let that discourage you since it is the women who get to prominently show off their gun fu skills. 

Although it does feel a tad weird. But that is because apart from one or two wacky moments the film takes itself far too seriously. There are many times the film is begging for some comedic relief. Instead you get one overly dramatic scene after another. If these combined would have given you more insight and depth I would not have been bothered by this. But like I said there is only one message that gets repeared and repeared until you get fed up with it. 

Does it really matter? To be honest it doesn't. The beautiful women and the solid action is all I wanted and that is exactly what I got. While this was tonally different from Special Female Force, I do hope more films like this are made. I can't get enough of them.* 

One does have to wonder how practical these shorts are during police raids?

*It does look like there are some plans to carry on with this franchise. For example after the film ends there are two scenes. One to give us closure and what seems like to have Jade Leung be full of spirit to kick ass one more time. And then there is the reference to the Black Cat films featuring Jade Leung. While this time it's another girl who gets approached it was laid on so think for it to be just fan service. 

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