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Review Kingdom (2019- Season 1 and 2): Game of Thrones meets The Walking Dead and Review Into the Night (2020 Season 1): Very well made apocalyptic thriller!

genre: thriller, horror, drama

Kingdom is an example of what can be accomplished when Netflix takes a chance and hires the right people to make a show. 

Also it's very different from previous Netflix originals where shows are dragging to a point you just lose interest. Good pacing is everything and Kingdom is fast, compelling and filled with intense action and dramatic events. The fact that a season is only 6 episodes also makes a considerable difference. Every second is useful and not wasted. Add to that the good acting and story and you end up with a show that starts with a bang and ends with an even bigger bang. For the people who have no idea and wondering: " what exactly is this show? " I would say it's like a blend of Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead but with every filler content removed. Sure it would have been nice if we would learn a little more on the characters and their background. However not revealing every detail is what makes them more mysterious and compelling. Plus it adds to the tension concerning a subplot and the dramatic reward that is tied to it.

Let me also point out the excellent cinematic quality of this show. Not once did I feel like I was watching a TV Show. No, this show is basically a 600 minute film (two seasons) that manages to conclude events nicely and even open up a third season which already has been confirmed for production. The scale is enormous and the spectacle is epic. As in the battles are massive and unrelenting. You won't have to wait that long like they made you with both Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. To be clear I liked and enjoyed those shows until they screwed up. Another nice element of the show is how it embraces convention but also is not afraid to play around with it. It very cleverly makes you wonder what exactly is going on. In a world where everything has been done to death and is repeated ad nausea and still manages to surprise you is remarkable.

Kingdom is a must watch for sure. If Netflix keeps bringing us shows like these then I am certainly on board for the ride.

genre: thriller, mystery, science fiction, drama

After Kingdom I was browsing for new thrilling shows which consisted of only 6 episodes. Then a notification popped up in my inbox and Into the Night was presented to me. Just recently released and I watched the whole season in one sitting without any interruption. Not once, and let me state that again not once was I bored.

This doesn't mean this show is without flaws. Believe me it does. But like with Kingdom the pacing is so fast you hardly will have time to linger on them. The whole season is basically one huge thrill ride with drama and thrilling events. The acting is top notch as the entire cast are able to give depth to characters without actually getting time to go deeper into their backgrounds. You will be shown what is needed when the plot demands is. The story is quite simple. However the way it's set up and told allows the characters to make the difference. The most compelling parts are the interactions between characters and how these characters act.

Now there are a few who truly stand out and shine. My favourite is Ayaz played by Mehmet Kurtulus, the epitome of cool and calm. If I were stuck on a plane in the middle of an apocalyptic event he would be exactly the type of person I would want next to me. But there are many others who are heroic and flawed in their own way. Into the Night is one of those shows the least you know about it the better. You have to let it overwhelm you by it's insanity. And yes it's totally insane yet not that far fetched that you have to suspend disbelief much. Still you will have to at some points since certain actions and skills of characters are a bit too fantastical. But I very gladly was willing to overlook these flaws since it does add to the viewing experience. 

Go watch it now!

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