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Review My Spy (2020): Predictable but enjoyable enough!

genre: comedy, action, espionage

As we all know Dave Bautista has developed himself as a fine action star with comedic flair. So it was a matter of time he would be joined up with kids too. 

For the most part this works quite well. Bautista is a very big guy and you wouldn't picture him to be a guy who is very fond of kids. The kid is named Sophie (Chloe Coleman) and is very observant and clever. A little too much if you ask me but I guess they had to do something to make her more compelling. I wouldn't say they completely succeeded with this. Let's just put it this way, I didn't find her annoying. I had hoped for some more comedic moments between them next to the obligatory attempts to pull the heart strings. However the funny scenes that are present will make you laugh. Most of them are borderline cartoonish and over the top. But it's what made me like this film more than I think I would.

Kristen Schaal as the sidekick does add something to the mix. So do Ace of Spades (Ozzie) and Thelonius J. Monkfish as Blueberry. Especially the latter shows true skill and a grasp of his craft in key scenes. Like him being flushed out of his fish bowl. You could feel the terror and panic he is experiencing. If you ask me he deserves an Oscar for that performance alone. Hope to see good things from him in future.

That being said the crime plot is far too generic and predictable for my taste. It's 2020 and by now you should be able to come up with something better. I mean at least try to do something original. I don't know maybe actually put in a twist or two to be somewhat creative. Fortunately the action scenes are decently choreographed and executed. Who am I kidding! They are the highlight of the film since they are very brilliantly being parodied.

Overall, it's not something special but in this dire times could offer some fun.

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