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Review The Grudge (2020): A sequel nobody wanted!

genre: horror

Once upon a time there was a Japanese movie called Ju-On: The Grudge. It didn't make much sense but was filled with super creepy moments acted out by one of the most creepiest long haired Asian woman on this planet. Then they decided to do remakes where with each next installment the films gotten worse and worse. Unfortunately this last entry in the franchise is the worst.

When this was announced I was under the impression this was going to be a reboot. Now I am against reboot and remakes in general. But if they managed to offer something that makes it worth your while I can be very forgiving. Instead they opted this to be a sidequel that takes place before and during the events of the 2004 film. But to be honest that is a real stretch. As much as I dislike the previous sequels at least they still had a tie in to the creepy original franchise. That connection is completely gone. There is not an ounce of creepiness left. Not a single scene in this is remotely scary. There wasn't even a cheap jump scare that was effective. Even knowing what The Grudge is about and why it's so unrelenting evil doesn't help. Nor the imagery nor the events back this up. But how can it be. There barely is a buildup of tension or dread. Sure there are a lot of scenes shot in the dark and has this grungy feel to them. Still you need a lot more to make these scenes creepy and scary. 

I can't believe that they even didn't try with this one. Why was this made? Nothing new has been brought to the table. I think it was already established that the curse could go beyond the house. Seems to me this is like a rights thing. In order to prolong them or something similar. The good cast is also wasted. All of them deserved better. At least they tried to make things more compelling and interesting.

Overall The Grudge 2020 is an utter waste of your time. Avoid!

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