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Review Golden Job a.k.a. Operation Golden Job a.k.a. Huang jin xiong di (2018): A nice throwback to Eighties Hong Kong action!

genre: action, bullet ballet, crime

Golden Job marks the return of the cast of The Young and Dangerous franchise. A franchise I for some reason have ignored. I do remember having tried to get into it. But I found it to be slow and juvenile. Perhaps I should give it another chance one day but not just yet. In any case apart from the cast that title has nothing to do with this film. More important is the fact that this also is the return of Eighties style Hong Kong action and the way the story is told. It features the familiar themes of brotherhood and betrayal. Apart from that there is nothing else.

For some this is problematic. For me this is a blessing. While I do appreciate a good story what I appreciate more is good hard hitting action that has just enough story to make that action even more exciting. And this is exactly what Golden Job offers. Sure it would have been nice had the characters been a little more fleshed out and more complex. Then again that probably would have distracted too much from the main events. These events being the great action sequences. Three big ones and two smaller ones. Naturally saving the best for last. Like I said you do get enough to make you root for the characters played by Jordan Chan en Eking Cheng. One could argue that it's a tad too melodramatic. On the other hand it's something that intensifies the action so serves a good purpose. For the most part though it's not a film you should be taken seriously. Like with most of the action titles produced in the Eighties it is asked of you to roll with it and not worry too much about logic. And to be honest why would you? I also liked the inclusion of Yasuaki Kurata who shows that old age hasn't slowed him down one bit. His samurai sword fight is short but sweet and intense.

There is not much else to say other than that the film is a lot of fun. I didn't even know of it's existence until I saw it being offered on Amazon. So thanks to my never ending obsession of collecting films I got to discover this little gem.

Actor / Director Chin Ka-lok also was involved as an action director for the following title:

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