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Review Rambo: Last Blood (2019): Let's face it John Rambo is the Grim Reaper!

genre: action, crime, drama

This last title might not be big on story or substance but it will make sense if you have seen and followed John Rambo on all of his adventures. 

In the original, First Blood, John Rambo wanted to flee from what he had become. Only to learn and be confronted with the fact he always had been an efficient killer. In the second and third part he continued to do what he did best. In the fourth he again tried to distance himself from what he was. And again he had to face the hard truth that he is very good at killing monsters. Is he himself a monster? One could argue about that. But in all the parts all the people he killed had it coming. They were truly evil or despicable. Does that make it right for him to impersonate The Grim Reaper? Of course not but it feels right and just to see the evil people get what they deserve. 

In this what I assume is the final part it looks like that John Rambo has retired from killing and uses his skills to find people who got lost. On top of that he basically is the foster father to Gabriela, granddaughter of Maria Beltran, John Rambo's friend. He loves her like a father and is thankful to have been given the chance to be a father but then disaster strikes. Gabriela can't let go of finding her father. After the death of her mother she wants to make a connection with him. Call it being naive or ignorant but she doesn't want to listen to her grandma or Rambo when they say that nothing good will come from her finding out. They are very aware that he is alive and well and doesn't care about her one bit. On a whim she decides to go to Mexico and calls in a favor of an old school friend. Right from the start when we are introduced to her you know this friend is trouble. But Gabriela is determined. Well, it's safe to say that things don't go as planned and it's up to Rambo to look for her. I am not going to spoil but it is pretty obvious what is going to happen. Actually if you think about it, this probably is the only way it could end. "Live by the sword, Die by the sword"

Now this final film might take it's time to get going. However it's done deliberately so that you can form a connection with Rambo and the other characters. It's absolutely aggravating and painful to see events unfold as they occur and all you can do is hope that Rambo is going to teach those mofo's a lesson. Do I really have to state that he is going to? Rambo always had been associated with violence. And the films did get bloodier and gorier. In this final part though, they went overboard. But it's so sweet. 

Rambo: Last Blood gives us a satisfying and incredibly entertaining conclusion to the franchise. And like I said, it only could have ended like this.

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