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Review Shakedown a.k.a. Blue Jean Cop (1988): It's definitely a Glickenhaus film!

genre: crime, action

James Glickenhaus had or has a very warped vision of the world he resides in. So you shouldn't be surprised when the events in his film lack sense and logic. However the one saving grace that it's all as a sacrifice to the action. 

Good choreographed action. Also a bit unrealistic and ridiculous in parts but who cares? However unlike his other films the action is not the main focus. It does seem like he wants to tell some kind of story where a public defender named Roland Dalton (played by Peter Weller) and Richie Marks (played by Sam Elliot) teams up to fight the corruption that is in play right under their noses. Apparently the corrupt powers that be have a long reach and have instilled fear enough for righteous people not to intervene. Unfortunately crack dealer Michael Jones (played by Richard Brooks) is not that impressed and defends himself from being robbed by such a "Blue Jean Cop" which refers to the apparently super expensive jeans and other stuff they have bought with drugs money. Dalton seizes this opportunity while deliberating what to do with his life. He seems to be real fed up and wants to move on to bigger and better things. Then meets his ex and she convinces him that he is not cut out to be a corporate lawyer and that he should stick what he currently is doing. It's an interesting sub plot for sure. Although I don't condone it that he slept with her. He is engaged to be married and no matter how awful she and her family might have been that is a big no no in my book.

Perhaps while you are reading this you might get the idea that this is a super serious film. Again one could argue that this was the intention. But like I said James Glickenhaus has or had a very warped vision of the world and that is very much reflected in his work. On the one hand there is a dark and sinister atmosphere to the film but on the other hand especially through Dalton's way of dealing with events it's quite comical. I am not entirely sure if that blends well with the darker nature. Don't get me wrong it's amusing as hell but for me to take this seriously? Of course not!

Now one could say that there is nothing special about this crime film. But I beg to differ. Peter Weller and Sam Elliot have some real good chemistry and the both of them really make it worth your while. A very underrated film if you ask me!

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