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Review Heist (2001): What is up with the dialogue?

genre: crime, heist, thriller

Strangely enough I couldn't remember that much about Heist except for the fact that I had seen it but did not write a review for it. After having watched it again I think I know why.

If you haven't seen too many heist films then maybe you will get a kick out of this film. Granted even knowing it's ending it will make you chuckle. People who have seen David Mamet films before will get an idea what is coming to and perhaps therefore might be better equipped to enjoy it more. Still the one thing that bugged me the most was the weird dialogue. Almost everybody who has reviewed or critiqued David Mamet films is praising him for his wonderful dialogue. And I just don't get. Sure some of the lines will stick with you especially if they are delivered well. However that doesn't automatically mean the whole language is good or fun. I for one got real annoyed by the way they talked. Why? Because no one talks like that. Ever! It feels like these people are in a different world or dream than ours where they spout out one liner after one liner. That would be fine if it helped you connect with these characters. But I would say it does the exact opposite. No one is likable. Not a single person. The only reason you are rooting for  characters like the one played by Gene Hackman is because of Gene Hackman. He is such a damn good actor that he is able to transcend the ridiculous dialogue with non verbal communication and his verbal delivery. You might not quite understand what is being said exactly but you will know what is meant or intended by the way he speaks. 

Therefore in my opinion it's not David Mamet who is deserving of praise but Gene Hackman and Delroy Lindo. The story also wriiten by David Mamet is quite lazy. Already from the start when you see how the characters interact with each other you will know what they are about. There is no real surprise here. I fail to understand why Mamet and many of his fans think it's compelling. If a character acts in a way that is out of character then that would be very interesting. If everyone acts the way they are supposed to that simply sucks out the joy and fun of the viewing experience. 

As heist movies go it's not bad. For fans of the genre this will be a very predictable affair even it's presented in a convoluted way. Much Ado About Nothing!

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