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Review Line of Duty (2019): Roller coaster ride of action and thrills!

genre: action, thriller, crime

Honestly I was expecting the worst. But had faith that Aaron Eckhart still would make it interesting. To my surprise though it was far better than anticipated and yes if this doesn't confirm that Eckhart  deserves a better career then I don't know what will. 

He alone elevates this B film into something more. That and the (tight but flawed) direction by Steven C. Miller. However there is one thing you have to keep in mind. Most of the events are a bit unrealistic and unbelievable. While in the moment it provides hard boiled action it also makes you realize it's a bit far fetched. The way I see it this is all done to keep the thrill ride going. And as far as I am concerned I was game all the way. Especially since it was pure fun to watch Aaron kick ass. or get his ass beaten. At first I had some trouble with his side kick Ava Brooks played by Courtney Eaton since she clearly represents a generation I have very little to no connection with. But then I and Aaron's character Frank Penny warmed up to her. She earned our respect. 

Then there are the villains. The Keller Brothers. One of them played by Ben McKenzie. These brothers are a bit much. They are like super men who seem invulnerable. You really have to go with it since while ridiculous does help make events super exciting. Now Ben's character is a little underdeveloped at first but did get moments to show there was another side to him. Although very briefly. It's something I appreciate since it made him more human. And he clearly was having fun to play a villain instead of cop like he usually does (Gotham, Southland).

I read somewhere that you need to shut of your brain in order to enjoy this. Perhaps to an extent that is true. However I was so drawn into the events I just went with whatever was presented to us because of how Aaron and Courtney were acting. They make you root for them. Even the obvious political messages didn't annoy me. 

From start to finish this is a real blast to watch. 

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