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Review Trick (2019): The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist

genre: slasher, horror

Trick is a solid slasher film that builds on old tropes but at the same time plays around with elements of older horror films like Halloween and Scream to give it an edge. To a large extent they have succeeded. 

The film does start with a strong opening scene very reminiscent oh Halloween where the myth of the boogeyman here named Trick is created. The blatant and sheer randomness of this events is what makes things terrifying. Because why would someone do this? What makes someone turn into this monster? Most of the time the film is not even trying to answer this question. Detective Mike Denver played by Omar Epps is more concerned with finding and catching Trick. He even goes so far to believe that Trick is not human but pure evil. If this sounds familiar then yes. It's obvious they ripped this straight from Halloween. 

The kills are pretty bloody and gory. Nothing you haven't seen before. But with the added element of not knowing whether this is something real or supernatural it makes events quite thrilling. Up until a point though. It's here where the film loses steam and is too blatant in showing us what is going on. As it can't wait to tell you what is going on. If you are an avid horror fan like me. Or are just very observant you will be able to predict what is going on to an extent. While I appreciate it that they play around with the concept of myths I do think that the film should have been more subtle. That way the suspense and tension would have maintained and would have increased the terror. Now it's very reliant on the gore and the twists. 

The cast is real good. Especially Kristina Reyes, Ellen Adair, Omar Epps and Tom Atkins sell the events to the viewer. Ellen Adair was a revelation if you ask me. I really liked her as the Sheriff. Let's just put it this way. If I ever got in trouble with some bad guys or monsters I would really like it to have her watch my back.

That being said Trick does show still a lot can be done with old subgenres like the slasher film. I for one applaud that. So keep them coming dear film makers. I want my slasher fix!

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