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Review Game Over, Man! (2018): Failed parody on Die Hard!

genre: comedy, action, die hard clone

Honestly Game Over, Man! started out promising. Especially the blatant comedic take on Die Hard was funny. Sure it was a little gross at times but at least it was funny. Then it went too far. There is a limit to grossness being funny. 

I had not realized that this mess was directed by the same man who has directed Murder Mystery I would not have wasted my precious time especially on the same day. What are the odds of that? Well, clearly this is what you get from Netflix. Although not the jokes about the genitalia, blood and gore. What were they thinking? They probably were trying to mimic HBO. Being over the top and graphic can have it's value. But when used too much it can get in the way of your enjoyment. In any case on top of it all you need real jokes that don't rely on gags or gimmicks. 

In this aspect the film fails miserably. The three main characters supposed to be real friends. But I just didn't buy them as such. I am very aware that these three also play friends in Workaholics. Key word playing. They might play friends they certainly don't act like it. At the start I saw the potential in them and the way they interacted. That feeling soon diminished when none of the jokes made me laugh. The thugs and villains were funnier. In particular Rhona Mitra. She is one of the few who plays her role seriously but with a bit of cheekiness hinting that she is on the joke. I would say that she definitely steals every scene she is in. Then there are the cameos. For the most part they were funny. Only one has to ask who they were aimed at. Who was the intended audience? I mean some of these references were even old for me. And I am pretty old.

Had they stuck to parodying Die Hard then this film would have worked a whole lot better. But that was more a gimmick to let lose these characters who aren't really likable. So why should I root for them? Another one to avoid!

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