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Review Stuber (2019): Very good action comedy!

genre: action, comedy, crime

As a huge film fan I can honestly say that it has been a while that an action comedy actually managed to surprise me by how good it was. In the eighties and nineties it was more common that more A grade stuff was made. But nowadays it's either just average or completely disappointing. But like I said Stuber is really good.

Not only does it manage to balance out the comedy and action well. It also has heart. You genuinely care for the main characters as they are flawed and strong in their own unique way.  Kumail Nanjiani as Stu very clearly is representing current generation with their changed perspectives on women and life lessons. Now as someone from Generation X I feel like I have very little in common with Millenials and Generation Z. Most of the time their attitudes and priorities in life bother me as they aren't being realistic and practical. However Kumail has succeeded into making me like his character and his antics. Dave Bautista as Vic, a hard boiled cop, is more someone like me who cares but is old school when it comes to certain things. Vic is represented as you would expect however Dave's charisma is undeniable. It is real fun to see him deal with Kumail and the other way around. They both have very good dynamics. Usually that is half the movie.

On top of it, what really astonished me is the fact that the action is real good. It was exciting and quite hard hitting. Very old school with lots of gun play and explosions. Very little to no CGI trickery or at least not that noticeable. Usually in these types of films the comedic antics go before the action and not a lot of effort is put in them. Here they clearly did invest time and money into them. Now the comedy might not be that clever. Actually it was pretty predictable. However both Vic and Kumail have impeccable comedic timing making those jokes incredibly effective. 

Overall Stuber is exactly the type of film I want to see on my days off from work. They are very entertaining from beginning to end. And end up making you feel good!

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