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Review Murder Mystery (2019): Not even I am going to defend this crap!

genre: comedy, crime, action

Adam Sandler is a required taste. Even when he has proven himself to be pretty versatile if he wants to. Comedy wise he often leans to the absurd and gross out type of comedy usually with genuine funny jokes. However he also can be quite lazy. Unfortunately the latter is the case here.

Don't get fooled by the fact that Luke Evans or Jennifer Aniston are involved. Normally she is capable of getting the most out of average productions but at this point she probably also doesn't care that much any more. Everything about this film is lazy and predictable. But to me that is something I could have overlooked had the film at least made me laugh. I kept hoping and hoping and sadly this is where the film fails completely. The rest of the cast do their best to make their characters work. However they haven't been given enough quirks to make them compelling. Nor have they been given enough to do. In a film like this I expect these people to be so wild and over the top. I actually want to be shocked by their attitudes and excess. None of that here. Instead they have opted to focus on the mystery without the real effort into making it compelling. How could it? You don't know the characters and more importantly you don't care for them. I barely even cared for Sandler and Aniston. And they are supposed to be the main attraction. I know they are meant to play this couple who are a bit bored. A murder mystery like this should have been exactly the thing to spice up their marriage. They even admit this to another. Yet they act like the same old couple throughout the whole film. Not once is there a moment where they truly surprise each other. Like for example in a little movie called True Lies. Now that is a good example of where they truly made that aspect work.

So is this a complete fail? Towards the end it had some decent moments. But at this point I was beyond caring. Even for a rainy Sunday this film is not acceptable. Avoid!

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