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Review Polar (2019): Don't even dare to compare this to John Wick!

genre: action, crime, drama

If you have to believe the user reviews on IMDB then Polar is one of the best action films around. Fortunately for me I don't put much stock in most of these user reviews. Especially if they can't even mention a single negative aspect about the film. Even the greatest of masterpieces have flaws. In truth Polar is the polar opposite of John Wick. Pun intended.

Polar does have some redeeming factors. Mads Mikkelsen carries the film but of course he can only do so much with the awful writing. He is believable as the almost retired assassin who is quite efficient in killing people. He does provide one or two decent action scenes. However don't expect any style, choreography or whatever element you can think of to make that action more exciting. Instead you get blood and gore. In certain films that can be effective. Here it's just tedious and predictable. Take Ash vs Evil Dead for example. It's incredibly bloody, gory and downright disgusting at times. But there is a style to them and always infused with terror or comedy. You never quite know how it will end up for the characters since the show doesn't shy away from hurting the characters. You don't want this to happen to the characters and so it makes you invested in these scenes. In Polar this very rarely happens and if it does it's because of Mads calm presence. The film does look beautiful and colourful but I wished I could say the same about the rest. It's all pretty dark and empty. 

Polar doesn't offer anything substantial or creative. Except maybe a twist story wise.  If it just had offered kick ass action then I would have been fine with it. But like I said there is almost no choreography to them. And in hindsight pretty generic. It doesn't even come close to what the John Wick franchise has been offering so don't even dare to compare it to that. This is meant for those people who say that you should not think as much and just enjoy the action. Yes, I want that. But in order to do that you have to give me something that is enjoyable. And only blood and gore is boring. 

Such a big shame that some good actors somehow have been dragged into this production. Katheryn Winnick deserves to be in better stuff. Richard Dreyfuss now has been reduced to a B film actor who doesn't care any more. Matt Lucas as the main villain is miscast. I mean what the hell were they thinking? If he had brought something unique to his character like actually be scary then yes perhaps that could have made a difference. But no, he is just like one of the characters he plays in Little Brittain. You can't take him seriously at all. Let's say that was the idea then why not give him more to do that raised the lumacy. Apart from his appearance there is nothing funny about him nor anybody else in the film.

For some reason Polar has a duration of two hours but only plot for a three minute music video. Can you imagine what the pacing must have been like? Polar easily could have cut more than half an hour and it would have been a major improvement. Don't bother with this!

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