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Filmography Francis Ford Coppola

Listed are all the film titles Francis Ford Coppola was involved in as a director, writer and producer. The list might not be long but most of the titles he made are considered classics. It should come as no surprise that I have pretty much seen most of his work but have yet to write reviews for all of them. So do consider this a work in progress.

1962 Tonight for Sure (director, writer, producer)
1962 The Bellboy and the Playgirls (director, writer)
1963 Dementia 13 (director, writer) 
1966 You're a Big Boy Now (director, writer) 
1966 Is Paris Burning? (writer)
1968 Finian's Rainbow (director)
1969 The Rain People (director, writer)
1970 Patton (writer)
1972 The Godfather (director, writer)
1974 The Conversation (director, writer, producer)
1974 The Great Gatsby (writer)
1974 The Godfather Part II (director, writer, producer)
1979 Apocalypse Now (director, writer, producer)
1982 One from the Heart (director, writer)
1983 The Outsiders (director)
1983 Rumble Fish (director, writer, executive producer)
1984 The Cotton Club (director, writer)
1986 Captain EO (director)
1986 Peggy Sue Got Married (director)
1987 Gardens of Stone (director, producer)
1988 Tucker: The Man and His Dream (director)
1989 New York Stories (director, writer)
1990 The Godfather Part III (director, writer, producer)
1992 Bram Stoker's Dracula (director, producer)
1996 Jack (director, producer)
1997 The Rainmaker (director, writer)
2007 Youth Without Youth (director, writer, producer)
2009 Tetro (director, writer, producer)
2011 Twixt (director, writer, producer)
2015 Distant Vision (director, writer, producer)
TBA Megalopolis (director, writer)

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